PowerPC Forever

Old versions of software for PowerPC Macs

About This Site

These days, most Mac software is designed to run on Intel Macs with new versions of OS X. A lot of this software doesn't run on older PowerPC Macs any more.

I started this site because I still have three old PowerPC macs and it was difficult to find software to run on them.

I've spent a lot of time hunting down old versions software that will run on a G3 Mac with OS X Tiger. I've put all the software here to save myself (and other people) time and effort.

These are the original downloads from the developers. There's no extras, toolbars or ads included. Because that shit is nasty.

Some of this software is open source. Some is free, but copyrighted. Everything here was, at one point, freely downloadable from the original authors. If you own the copyright of any of this software and you don't want it listed here, get in touch. This site is completely non-profit. It's just a public service.